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Innovative, Modern and Customized to fit you and/or your Business  

So say good-bye to the cookie cutter website of the past.  Time to upgrade your business were it will be seen by the world!     

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Level Up 


Level Up 

Web Building from start finish. Tlj Media will create a top of the line customized website just for you! 30-60 days 

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Tlj Media

Monthly Web Maintenance 

- $59.99  (or higher) a month

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DI Y like a pro!

Let me teach you how to build, update and maintain your own site.   Do it yourself and upgrade your business at the same time. 

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Level Up

Social Media

Social Media is everything when it comes to driving potential customers to your site.  Let Tlj Media Level Up your Social Media presence with promos, post, marketing and more.

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$65.00 a month

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What our customers are saying

I thought my old site was just fine so I was skeptical at first but she had a vision for my website after our first conversation and she took off with it. I love my website and so do my customers. they compliment me all the time.  Check out the website and come down and let me cook for you.   http://gateway-deli.com/

Kui, Gateway Deli Restaurant and Catering 

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