When he did not live up to your expectations lol

no man was hurt in the recording of this video lol lol lol 

When she ain't shit! 

Stop being "stuck in your ways" or stay single!

"#QOTD...Would it bother you if your mate kept love notes from an ex?

#QOTD.... how long should you wait after a break up before dating again?

Qotd....what is a sexual pet peeve that drives you crazy and can f up your sexual mood quick ?

How to break up with different kinds of guys

Are you the reason that you're single? sometimes its not them it is you boo!

A conversation with Gladys Bettis

Pay attention to the Red Flags!

Stop ignoring the clues that  you are with the wrong person!


A conversation with Bud Brian

Barber shop talk

Men Talk

Dinner with Tlj


Fake friends clues

Love is not that hard!

Directions from Hood Google/Siri

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