The Dancer.... the life and death of a celebrity stripper

Murder Mystery

Follow along weekly and maybe you can guess who the killer is??


The Victim: 

Ms. Lea “Skyy” Jackson is a twenty-six year old celebrity exotic dancer from Detroit Mi., who now resides in the city of sin, Las Vegas, Nevada. Lea‘s stage name was Skyy.     Skyy was the hottest dancer in the game right now. Her name alone has landed in a lot of famous hip hop lyrics and on the "to do list" of a lot of wealthy men. This chic was living the fast pace, high price life of a celebrity stripper. Her passport had more stamps than a woman on welfare with 6 kids. Skyy brings in more than six figures dancing plus she has her own line of lingerie, dance, stiletto, makeup and body oils.

Skyy was living the good life. She had so much yet she’s not as happy as you would think she should be. All Skyy wanted was to find “The One”. She dreamed about being swept off of her feet by some wealthy man who would love her and love take care of her even more. Unfortunately she learned that everything that glitters is not gold. It’s my job to tell you what happened to Skyy and it’s your job to try to figure who did it!

The Suspects: 

Our first suspect is Bryson Jones, a huge Hollywood movie star. Bryson is a mega star who loves the fast life. Everyone knew Bryson loved the ladies and most of the time he had a supermodel on his arm until he met Skyy. He had a thing for Skyy that was uncontrollable. Every weekend he would fly to Vegas just to see her dance. Bryson Jones was a mega star who's fame and fortune. Oh and the fact that he treated her like a queen made her fall for him just as much as he seemed to be falling for her. She wanted him to be “The One” so bad. Skyy was ready and willing to give up the brand she had made just for the chance to be his wife. It was her mission to make him love her and she didn't hold anything back. Skyy dived in heart first with the hopes that he felt the same. She thought she knew him until the gossip mags found out about their relationship and all the shit hit the fan. The mega star was the laughing stock of the industry when people found out he was dating a high priced stripper. Bryson had to make a choice between his career and his woman. Skyy didn't expect the news of their relationship to be such a big deal but it was a possible game changer for Bryson's career. Which clearly gives Bryson motive to murder her the question is did she really know this man? Did he love her the way she loved him? Will he end up loving her for life or taking her life?

Our next suspect is Bryson’s best friend, Miguel Martinez, an all-star professional baseball player. Miguel always took what he wanted and he didn't care who he had to stab in the back to take it. Miguel's reputation preceded him in the world of the rich and famous. Not only was he filthy rich he was just flat on filthy. His reputation was so bad that his nickname became “Mr. Steal Your Girl” in the industry. Men would keep their women as far as they could away from Miguel. He only dated super stars and super models. Miguel refused to date video girls or strippers because he thought he was too good for them. That all changed the moment he first laid his eyes on Skyy. The first night he met her he wanted to take her from Bryson but he did not know how to go about doing since Bryson was his best friend. He found himself thinking things a best friend should never think about his best friend’s girl. He was already addicted to her and he hadn't even had the chance to sample the drug called Skyy. Miguel knew he shouldn't go after her but he was thinking with his other head and you know that can get a man into all kinds of trouble! He attempts to pursue her but when she shuts him down his ego gets bruised which made him go after her even more. If he can't have her for himself will he make sure no one else can have her? The question you should ask yourself is will he take her from Bryson or will kill her because he can’t?

Let’s not forget, Corey Jones, Bryson's older brother. As a child he made a name for himself in the industry but like most child stars he lost his shine and was washed up and broke by the time he turned 21. The acting jobs stop coming and the bank account went dry. Outside of a few straight to DVD movies he pretty much rides on Bryson’s name and money in Hollywood. He was notorious for running off women that seem to get too close to Bryson. He knew that if Bryson decided to settle down that would put the brakes on the lifestyle he has become so accustomed too. Without Bryson's money he would not be able fly to Coachella first class everything, or sit on the side lines during Lakers games rubbing elbows with the elite, there would be no more shopping sprees and sadly there would be no more wild parties and making it rain on yachts in the Riviera. Corey needed his little brother to stay single and ready to turn up at any time. He couldn't afford for some money hungry trick to come in and mess up his unlimited money flow. This was the last thing he needed. Corey was not thrilled when he started to notice his brother getting a little too close to Skyy. All he could see is a gold digging bitch that was trying to come between him and his brother’s fame and fortune! That gives him a great motive for murder. Will he finally decide to let his brother get close to a woman or would he kill to keep all of his brother’s money to himself? Never come between man and his money!!

Last but certainly not least we have. Val Tyler, Val is Skyys longtime friend and manager. Back in the day she was a dancer too but she made most of her real money managing Skyy. As a matter of fact Val is the one who showed Skyy the dancing game for the first time. You see when they met back at Wayne State University in Detroit Val was already a dancer. Skyy and Val were suite mates back in college. One day Skyy saw Val pulling up in her brand new shinny ride and she stepped out looking fly. She couldn't understand how a college student had so much damn money so she went up to her and asked what kind of job she had. Val told her she was a stripper and then she asked Sky if she wanted to go check it out. As soon as they walked in the club every man there wanted Val's attention. Skyy was fascinated by all the money she saw that night. She needed extra money to pay for classes and a car so she went to Val the next day and told her she wanted dance and the rest was history. Val’s dancing career was also history because Lea a.k.a. Skyy took over fast!!! She shot to the top like a rocket on the 4th of July and nobody was taking her down. Skyy asked Val to be her manager since she was a business major and they took the adult entertainment game by storm! Skyy received an offer to move to Vegas in headline at a top notch gentlemen’s club so Val packed up and moved to Vegas with her. Everything seemed smooth on the outside but secretly she hated Skyy all these years because she felt like Lea/Skyy stole her life, her fame, her fortune and her attention. Will she be satisfied with being in the background or will jealousy make her kill? You know what they say about a woman scorned!

Now that I've told you a little about the beautiful victim and the shady suspects let’s talk about the night it all went down.

The day had finally come for me (Skyy) to hang up my stilettos and put away my G-string. I was tired of the limelight and all the bullshit that came with it. The past few months had been crazy. This industry had paid me well but drained my soul at the same damn time. It was time to leave this life behind and just start over. I had enough money to last me a lifetime. Not only did I make a killing on that shiny pole I didn't stop there. I made a brand and a very successful one I might add. I had a makeup line, upscale but extremely sexy lingerie line and plenty of endorsements in the adult entertainment industry. I've made a shit load of money in a short time. I finally realized I didn’t have to be super rich to be happy. At this point in my life I am happy with myself and it has taken these last few months to show me that. They have been turbulent to say the least. I went from being on top of the world to hiding from the world. When I woke up this morning I was looking forward to my encore dance and walking off into the sunset however my day did not end as I had planned. That night after my final performance as Skyy, I was listening to my boy T.I. getting ready to walk out of this strip club for good because this lifestyle was over. I am going to finally do what the song says. Get off this damn road!

I turned the music up and hopped in the shower. I was enjoying my song when the power suddenly went off. I waited a second to see if it would come back on but it didn't so I stepped out of the shower to find out what the hell happened.

What the hell!!! (I looked around) I know damn well the power didn't get cut off for nonpayment as much money as you muthafuckas make up in here!! (I stuck my head out of the shower door)HELLOOOOOO!!(I grabbed my towel and headed towards the door since no one answered me) Helloooo!! ( I paused to see if someone would reply)….Adriana!!.... Jay!!!! (walked slowly towards the door) What the fuck is going on?  I could hear the music in the club still playing so I realized that the power was only out in my dressing room which sent my hood senses into overdrive. I took a step back and started to feel my way along the wall. It was pitch black so I felt my way over to my makeup table to grab the gun I kept underneath my makeup case. As soon as I had it in my hand I felt a sharp pain in my back. I tried to scream out but the pain was too severe so the words would not come out. I soon felt stab after stab after stab so many that I lost count after the fifth one. I could feel my blood dripping down my back then my body started to go into shock. I could feel myself falling to the ground so I raised the gun up as high as I could because I knew this would be my last chance to take a shot. Once I hit the ground I used all the energy I had left to turn over and pull that damn trigger!!!! I had no clue if I hit anyone or not but I definitely emptied the clip. The last thing I can remember is lying on the floor in a pool of my own blood with a gun in my hand in a knife in back. Suddenly the power came back on and all I could hear was T.I. rapping in the background as I slowly turned my head and when opened my eyes I finally saw the face of my killer standing there with a smile.

WAIT .....before I tell you who killed me and why let me start from the beginning. Maybe you can guess who the killer is before the end of my story.

I've been travellin' on this road too long (too long)

Just tryna find my way back home (back home)

The old me is dead and gone, dead and gone

And oh (eyyy)

I've been travellin' on this road too long (too long)

Just tryna find my way back home (back home)

The old me is dead and gone, dead and gone, dead and gone

Chapter One

It was a beautiful day in LA as usual. Bryson was driving down Sunset Blvd on his way to the studios to shoot a guest spot on one of the hottest prime time crime dramas. He was bobbing his head to the beat of some old school Jay Z when he receives a call from his friend Miguel.

(Bryson answered the phone)What's up Miguel?

What's good B.(Miguel rolled over in the bed) I see you called me.

Dude I called you 2 hours ago.

Bruh, I was busy with this model chic and I was about to answer your damn call. You feel me! (laughing)

Yeah I feel you. Are you still hitting Vegas with me to see my girl Skyy?

Nigga yes! I told you I would meet you at the airport right after practice. You sound sprung! (laughing)

Man forget you (laughing) I’m not sprung I just love to see this chic dance. She makes it look like fine art that you wouldn't mind screwing. You think I’m just talking shit but wait to you see her move that ass. Plus it’s going to be crazy up in there tonight!!

Bruh, I have a model in my bed now and a movie star waiting in bed for me as we speak so I am a know what good ass is. This dancer can’t be hotter than what I had on my lap for the past 2 hours. Shiiiiid.

Who do you think you're talking to dawg? You know I have a plethora of women so I am not pressed but I am just a little addicted this chic. So make sure you keep this attitude after you see her because she is off limits! She is my super freak bro. She might not be wifey material but this chic got that

Dude I called you 2 hours ago.

Bruh, I was busy with this model chic and I was about to answer your damn call. You feel me! (laughing)

Yeah I feel you. Are you still hitting Vegas with me to see my girl Skyy?

Nigga yes! I told you I would meet you at the airport right after practice. You sound sprung! (laughing)

Man forget you (laughing) I’m not sprung I just love to see this chic dance. She makes it look like fine art that you wouldn't mind screwing. You think I’m just talking shit but wait to you see her move that ass. Plus it’s going to be crazy up in there tonight!!

Bruh, I have a model in my bed now and a movie star waiting in her bed for me as we speak so believe me when I say I know what good ass is. This dancer can’t be hotter than what I had on my lap for the past 2 hours. Shiiiiid.

Who do you think you're talking to dawg? You know I have a plethora of women so I am not pressed but I am just a little addicted this chic. So make sure you keep this attitude after you see her because she is off limits! She is my super freak bro. She might not be wifey material but this chic got that gooooood gooood. (laughing) It’s like high quality kush. Once you try it you can’t go back to the regular stuff. Addictive! (laughing)

(Laughing) You are a damn fool! (he shakes his head and laughs some more)You don’t have to worry about me anyway because I am not a stripper kind of dude. You know I like my women nice and sweet in public. Strippers are way too public with their shit and that turns me off.

Whatever you say man. I'm glad you don’t like them because that leaves more strippers for me! (chuckles) I’m headed to the movie set so meet me at the airport my jet will be ready to fly out at nine.

Ok cool. Peace

  It was April 20th and it was time to turn up in Vegas. Vegas will is going to be crawling with the rich and famous hitters. All the celebs and big time ballers were heading to, The King, tonight. The King is the only true 5 star strip club in the city of sin. They are throwing a huge V.I.P. Bob Marley Hash Bash hosted by the legend Snoop and featuring yours truly, the hottest dancer in the game. I am the reigning Queen of exotic dancers. The money was flowing like a river and I was ready to swim in it!! The King was recession proof boo!

(Standing in the mirror admiring herself) As I was standing in the mirror getting ready I had to give myself a pat on the back because I was looking SPECFREAKINTACULAR! DAMN!! All I had on was a red La Dolce G-string, the bottoms of my shoes were red just like the lipstick on my lips. My face and hair were flawless and my body was glowing! (I smiled as I looked at myself and did a quick spin). YAAAAAAAAAASSS!!! I was almost ready to hit the stage so I put the Beats on my ears, turned up Headlines, by Drake, took a shot of Don Julio, popped an E pill and got in my zone! "My zone" is when I go from Lea to Skyy. You see Lea was a good girl but Skyy was a really bad girl. I sat there for a few minutes listening to the beat and getting pumped up. By the time Drake said “I be yelling out money over everything, money on my mind” I was ready to “Entertain” and make this damn money. You see I’m talking about this Movie Star money, that Ball player cash and that top level Baller bread. This is not the local strip club money up in here tonight. I don't mean any disrespect to the local strip clubs, ballers and strippers because I can get it in there too but this right here is CRAZY MONEY and I want it all. GIVE ME MY COINS!!! After my second shot and a quick puff of that purple Bob Marley I was now in Skyy zone so come on, fly with me!!

They know, they know, they know, they know….

(She took one last look in the mirror and headed out to mingle) When I walked out into the bar How Many Licks by my old school diva Lil Kim was playing so I made my rounds just like the song says… Stop look and listen!!

When I first stepped out I saw EJ. EJ was my baseball player candy. He was super fine, Cuban and filthy rich. I just met him about 6 months ago and he has already paid off my mortgage on my home in Vegas. He knew what he had to do to spend time with me. I always keep it real. I told him I like credits on my bills not zeros! He laughed at first and tried to be hardcore but it was too late I already had my hooks in him once he asked for that third lap dance 6 months ago. You see a man will ask for a lap dance based off of a dancer’s appearance the first time. The second time he gets a lap dance is because the dancer gave him something to think about. Now if you can get that third time back to back then you have him right where you want him as a dancer. At this point he wants you bad. You are his fantasy and he just may pay whatever it takes to get what he is fantasizing about. Not only does he want you to dance only for him he also wants to sleep with you. Once you can get a man to think strictly with his other head then you can just about get him to do anything you want if you know what you are doing. You see women have the power and if she knows how to use her power she can be dangerous. That hot pocket is like kryptonite to most men! After I slept with EJ I knew I had him hooked. For example before I shared my sunshine with EJ he talked about men who spent so much money on strippers and now he is one of those men he talked about so bad. After the first time we slept together he got me a little brownstone in NY where he lives during the off season (in my name ladies not his name). You can say I'm a hooker, slut, hoe or trick etc.... but I'm no different than most of these crazy women who give it all away for free. My time is priceless so if you want some of it you have to be able to cover it. You can call it whatever you want but I call it my 401k plan.

Hey EJ, how are you doing tonight (I kissed him on the cheek)

I'm great now. You look so damn good Skyy. (he licked his lips as he looked me up and down) Can I take you home to New York, with me tonight?

Is that how your feeling?

That is how you make me feel sexy.

We shall see. I have a lot of work to put in tonight. I hope you are ready to put your money where your mouth is E. (I winked at him)

You know I'm always ready. I can guarantee you that you will not be able to see the stage after I drop all these stacks all over that sexy ass body. (The waitress walked over to the table with stacks and stacks of hundreds on a tray) You see what daddy got for you?

(I kissed him on the cheek and stood up) Daddy is about his business.

Only for you baby girl.

That's what I liked to hear baby. (I rubbed my hand across his thigh) I have to finish my rounds baby before I hit the stage. (I blew him a kiss) I will see you soon.

After I left Ej's table I saw Bryson Jones walking into the club. Yes Bryson Jones the Movie Star! This man’s money is that “LIFESTYLE” changing money which is exactly the kind of money I need in my life! I met him at Paris fashion week a while ago. Mr. Jones was my newest candy. I plan on pulling all of my best tricks on this man! This was my “I’m finished working” man right here! Not only was he wealthy he was also fine which made my job even easier. I noticed he had his boys with him and I knew he had talked me up to them so I was really about give this crowd a show tonight! Like I said before you can call it what you like but I call it a career!

(I sashayed over to his table) Hello Mr. Jones (she winked her eye)

Hello beautiful. (I lend over and kissed him on the cheek)You know you are a sexy ass woman!! DAMN!! (Spinning me around to show me off to his boys)

Well I’m glad you like it papi. (I blew him a kiss)

Baby girl it’s impossible for any man not to like it! I hear them calling your name so I won’t hold you too long just let me introduce you to my fellas real quick baby. (he put his arm round my waist) This is my big brother, Corey Jones and my best friend Miguel Martinez.

Hello beautiful! My brother was not lying about you. You are sexy as hell!

(I smiled) Why thank you Corey. It is nice to meet you both.

(Shaking his head) Well I must say I had my doubts but Bryson you were right she is gorgeous! You better keep your eye on her! (he winked his eye at me)

Miguel I’m not worried because she has me which means she doesn't need anybody else. Ain’t that right sunshine?

(I stared Bryson is eyes) Baby I am all yours! (Then I gave him a nice sexy kiss) You don't ever have to share me.

Good answer baby girl (Bryson kissed me on my neck then gave me a little pat on my butt as I walked away)

As I glanced over at Miguel and that negro had that the nerve to wink his eye at me. From that moment on I knew I had to watch him because he wanted me bad. I don't have time for drama because I have to stay focused on my prize which is Bryson. Miguel was a professional baseball player and he had that “LIFESTYLE money as well but he was a playboy and he was married. Married men aren't for me because I have plans to settle down and start a family soon. Sounds funny since I am a playgirl by trade but like all careers they come to an end. I have only been dancing for 5 years but I came onto the scene a hot commodity so I have been a busy girl! It was time to sit back and just live well and Bryson was the person I was planning on doing that with so Miguel had to be kept at arm’s length before he caused me some trouble. It was clear by the look in his eyes he wanted a piece of me.  Anyway, I made my way to the stage


HAPPY 420!!!!!!!! The King is on fire!! First let me say it’s some muthafuckin money up in here tonight!!!!!!!!! (the crowd was screaming and clapping) Shout out to Snoop!! Nigga we knew you would be in the house!! (everyone laughed) I see Wiz over there through that cloud of smoke. What’s up man!!!! (the crowd laughed) Phelps just walked his tall ass in with a dime on his arm!! We see you my white nigga!! (he laughed) Now that we have you all warmed up its time to get you hot!! Get your stacks ready because it’s time to make it rain BIG MONEY style! Welcome to the stage the hottest chic in the game bar none!! THHHHHE SPECTACULAR.AR SKYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

I could feel all eyes on me as they announced me and it was finally my time. SHOW TIME BABY!!!

My first song was Shakin It For Daddy by, Robin Thicke featuring my girl Nicki Minaj. The music came beating through the sound system like IKE TURNER!! I could feel the beat bumping in my soul and I knew I was ready to get it in!!! I slid down the pole slowly then hit the stage in a split and I begin to SHAKE IT FOR DADDY!!! The money was raining down all over my body. In the words of the hot Nicki Minaj

ay yo i be i be i be i be i be on that money shit

get that sloppy toppy roger copy i be runnin shit

money in the air its a festival

cause i ba ba ba ba ball no testicales

im flyyer then a eagle that balding

i throw it back like hair lines thats balding

i stay ballin i dont mean spualding

I saw Bryson at the end of stage sitting in THE KINGS chair so I made my way down there. As soon as was close enough for him to touch me I turned around and shook it all in his face. He couldn't wait to put his hands on my body. I could see the craving in his eyes.

You like what you see?

ABSOLUTELY! (he threw a few stacks in the air for me)

That really got me going so I lost myself in the beat of the music and I gave him some of the hottest dance moves known to man!! It felt like Robin Thicke was right there singing live

She got me trickin in the club

about too fall in love

cause she make that booty roll

when she come up on the pole

i swear she got my heart

like a extra pair of gloves

got me spendin all my money

shit i coulda bought a car

(I moved my body closer to him then I put his hands on my backside) You want it baby?

Yes I do!!! (He pulled a diamond necklace and put it around my neck) Come see me as soon as you get off the stage. I have a table full of stacks just for you baby girl.

Anything for you! But you know tonight they will be auctioning off my first private dance to the highest bidder so if you want me first you have to pay the cost to be the boss (I blew him a kiss and gave him a little wink)

Big money trump little money all day everyday baby girl. I will see you in the Private Room and I want you to dance off of that song by Bey. That Partition song. Yeaaaah I like that one. Oh and make it extra nasty for me!

Whatever you want I can give you just put your money with your mouth is. (I did a head stand right in front of him before he knew it I was in his lap giving him a spectacular lap dance then I whispered in his ear) Sono grande a brutto sexy (I stood up and moved on to finish the rest of my show)

Chapter Two

  I strolled into the VIP room wearing absolutely nothing. Well I was wearing some six inch heels and water proof flavored body paint. The lights in the room wear flashing and the music started to play as soon as I walked into the room. Bryson was sitting on his Throne in the center of the stage looking so tasty. I walked over to the shower that was strategically placed right in front of the private stage and turned it on. The water started to flow down as the light show began I stepped underneath the shower and the water covered my naked body. My hair was wet and flowing down my back. I looked like a diamond shining underneath a waterfalls as I started to dance to the music.

Driver roll up the partition please

Driver roll up the partition please

I don't need you seeing 'yonce on her knees

Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up

We ain't even gonna make it to this club

Now my mascara running, red lipstick smudged

Oh he so horny, he want to fuck

He bucked all my buttons, he ripped my blouse

He Monica Lewinski all on my gown

Oh there daddy, d-daddy didn't bring the towel

Oh baby, b-baby we slow it down

Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up

We ain't even gonna make it to this club

Take all of me

I just wanna be the girl you like, girl you like

The kind of girl you like, girl you like

Take all of me

I just wanna be the girl you like, girl you like

The kinda girl you like

Is right here with me

By this time I was out of the shower and standing in front of Bryson dripping wet and still looking hot!!

I hope you don’t mind getting wet Mr. Jones ( I started to shake my body like a salt shaker )

The fan begin to blow softly on my body as I bent over in front of him and picked up some scented body oil and  I poured it all over my body.

Damn Skyy ( he shook his head in amazement)

(I smiled) You better take those clothes off because I’m using your body to rub all this oil in.

Anything for you baby girl (he took off everything except his Armani boxers)

Something about feeling his hands on my body while I enjoyed the music turned me on even more.

Sing it to me Skyy(he whispered softly in my ear as he helped me rub the oil all over my body)

That’s why I’m here baby. To give you what you want so if you want me to sing I will sing and dance for you at the same damn time!  I looked him in his eyes then started to sing to him and moved my body to the sexy beat.

He like to call me Peaches when we get this nasty

Red wine drip, talk that trash

Chauffer eavesdropping trying not to crash

Oh there daddy, d-daddy now you ripped my fur

Oh baby, b-baby be sweatin' on my hair

Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up

We ain't even gonna make it to this club

Take all of me

I just wanna be the girl you like, girl you like

The kind of girl you like, girl you like

Take all of me

I just wanna be the girl you like, girl you like

The kinda girl you like

Is right here with me

Take all of me

I just wanna be the girl you like, girl you like

The kind of girl you like, girl you like

Take all of me

I just wanna be the girl you like, girl you like

The kinda girl you like

Is right here with me

Before the song was over I had his “candy” in my hands and it was about to go down!! I had to make this man mine and I was willing to do whatever it took to get him. Not only did I like his money but I liked him even more which made this easy for a change. It was my mission to give this man some grown woman business! V.I.P. is real in THE KING! I know you guys are saying “she’s a nasty whore” but did you forget this man just donated $25,000 to charity just to get this dance from me? Most of you have given it away for free so you can call it what you want too. A very lucrative business is what I choose to call it.

(He sat back with a satisfied smile on his sexy face) Damn baby girl!!! You need to go get your shit because you are coming home with me right now.

Is that how you're feeling right now? (I kissed his chest as I sat on his lap)

With lips like that what do you expect? (he gave me a quick kiss) Now go get your stuff baby I want you in my bed tonight.

Just tonight?

Every night baby now let’s go.

Wait let me finish what I started then we can go because your bed is where I want to be tonight and every night.

This better be just for me.(he grabbed a handful)

All of this is just for you(I wrapped his arms around my waist). No one ever has or will ever get this kind of treatment from me baby. You are a KING and I guarantee you I will always make you feel like one!

Forget about the rest of this dance because we can finish this in my pool. (He stood up)

Anything you say daddy.

(He pulled me up close to him) Lea give me a kiss.

Wow. For that you can have anything you want! (I was taken aback by him calling me Lea and not Skyy. It sounds trivial but it means everything to  woman like me It felt good for him to see me as Lea and not just Skyy. He is the one! He has to be).  That was the best kiss I had ever had in my life!! From that moment on I felt like I was floating on cloud nine.  

   After the kiss I went back to my dressing room and took a shower. I was smiling from ear to ear after I walked out of that room. I was so happy because I felt like I was in love for the first time. This shit was crazy but it felt good because I started off only out for the money but now I am really falling in love with this man. I was so ready to walk away from this life and walk right into Bryson’s arms. I was in such a daze that I bumped into Val in the dressing room.

(Val almost fell) Girl what the hell is wrong with you?

Oh my bad, I was distracted.( I looked to make sure she was ok) Sorry about that.

Yeah I can see that. What’s wrong with you?(She was fixing her hair)

Nothing is wrong but everything is finally right!!

What the hell does that mean Riddler!

Ha ha ha… and who are you the Joker? If so you are not funny! (laughing) Anyway, I am smiling because I’m done!

Girl what are you talking about and what the hell have you been smoking?

I am talking about being done with this business. Done being Skyy.

What are you talking about? This is what you do? (She looked upset and confused)

Correction. It’s what I did because so I will be done. (I stood up and grabbed my jacket and bag)

You can’t be done. (She grabbed my arm)

Excuse me???? ( I gave her that look and she backed up fast) I’m done when I want to be done! I am the captain of this ship!! I make the muthafckin calls up in here! (I stood in front of the mirror in put some lip gloss on) This is my bag bitch an secured plenty of them I am THE BOSS .  In the words of another hardcore BOSS " You betta check your self  before you wreck yourself" because you can get fired I can't be fired I  won this Skyy shit! 

(She stood behind me in the mirror)You know what I have been listening to that bullshit for years and I have always held my tongue because you were the money maker and I needed you to make the money. But since you say you're “done” then I have a free pass to tell you the truth.

(I turned around in walked up on her) SPEAK! Please tell me the truth according to VAL!

(She took a few steps back) You don’t scare me sweetie. I made you! (she smiled) I am the brains behind this damn business!! I am the one that keeps this business moving not you!! So don’t get it twisted anymore!! You get some new feelings and now you’re DONE (she smirked) I hope the nigga leaves your ass!! (She picked up her cell phone)They all do and they always will!! So you will be back and then the tables will be turned. So you go have fun I will see you again real soon! (she stood there with a smile on her ugly face)

(I smacked that phone out her hand and it was on and popping) HOE  are you crazy??!!  I don’t need you??  Brains???? What brains?? (I pushed the side of her head) You have been stealing money from me for years and you didn’t think I knew about the secret bank account but I do. (I winked) I have every single ILLEGAL transaction you have ever made. I’ve just been waiting on the right time to use it against you. Thank you for making right now the RIGHT moment. You see I’m smarter than you think. I have a paper trail stashed away showing how you stole from me and my charity for years. I know your bank account information and if you don’t wire my money back into my account by the end of the day tomorrow I will have you arrested you petty ass thief. (I chuckled) You have been saving my money for me and you didn’t even know it. So thanks, dumbass! (I opened the door up) The funny thing is you don't really have a choice because if you don’t you’re going to jail. Either way I win. You have one of two choices. You can call the police and get yourself put in jail or you can walk away, run my money and stay your jealous ass out of my lane. (I pointed to the door) So make your choice and choose wisely. Either option is fine with me because I get my money either way. Although that first option would be a nice treat to watch you go to jail.

(She was furious)Kiss my ass Skyy!!

I’m really not too mad about it I just considered all the money you were stealing from me as my retirement plan. You did it for me! (I winked) Who has the brains now?? …..Riiiight! Silence is golden. We will see who will be coming back to whom. Oh and when you come back bitch you better be on your damn dusty ass knees begging for mercy because after that little rant you just did I will always have my guns pointing your way so watch your back and your front! There is no need to say this but I really want to get my Trump on. You’re fired, get your shit and get the hell out of here!

(She threw a bottle at the ground) Whatever! I have more you don’t know about so I’m good and guess what you haven’t heard that last from me!

(I picked up my gun) BITCH I AM FROM THE D.. you just went to college there I am born in raised and I will beat the brakes off your ass.  So you bragging about stealing from me? (I cocked it back)Yeah ok let me make this clear right now! Every time I see you and you look like you're enjoying yourself I am going to come shut your happiness down!! Bitch I will have dem boyz come get you!! Don’t make me hurt your family by making you disappear! Watch who you stepping to ma because I am more than just a pretty face BELIEVE THAT! The next time you make that statement to me I guarantee that it will be the last anybody will ever hear from your tired ass! Now beat it! Oh, I sent a text to my people while we were talking to let them know you were fired so security will be waiting for you boo.

(She backed out the door with anger and fear in her eyes) You are a dirty bitch. I will go for now but I will come back one day. I promise you that. There is always a shift in power. You remember that.

  I locked the door  and was un-bothered after she walked out. All I could think about was my Zaddy waiting for me so I sent Bryson a text.


Hey I will meet you in your bed shortly. #BeNaked :-*


I will be waiting sexy. I hope you’re ready for me


For you, I’m always ready. You better grab you a Viagra because I’m going for broke tonight baby!


wow!! Hurry up!!


lol ;-* see you soon

  I hopped in my jag and took off. I couldn't get ready fast enough. I was anxious to see Bryson and make love to him all night long!!!! When he wakes up in the morning I want a smile on his face and if he kisses me on the lips and not the forehead then I know he is the one. I am turning in my dancing shoes. Well not completely but the only man that will see me dance will be Bryson soon.

  When I walked into the villa Bryson rented for us that song by John Legend, Tonight, was playing. It was becoming one of my favorites and it reminded me of Bryson. It was the perfect song for tonight. There were candles everywhere, the entire house smelled like flowers. There were shopping bags from Gucci, Louie V, Vera Wang etc… placed all through the villa on top of white rose petals that lead me out to the pool. Bryson was sitting at the other end of the heated pool naked with his feet in the water waiting for me. I stood at the edge of the pool and danced to the music slowly(He gestured for me to come to him) I stepped into that the pool with my Ted Baker maxi dress and my Marni sandals on!! I swam down to the other end of the pool where he was waiting for me. When I came up out of the water in front of him I didn’t say a word or take a breath. I proceeded to kiss him from his neck down. I wonder how long I could hold my breath. (wink) He moaned then grabbed me out of the water, laid me down and returned the favor. ( I love a strong ass man!!!). Lollipop was bumping out of the speakers so I felt I should take over and do what the song says. By the end of that song he was begging me to stop even though he wanted more. His body had never felt that kind of pleasure before I can guarantee that!! He flipped me over and made love to me over and over again. It was so amazing.

Damn Bryson!!!!!!! (as I bit his shoulder)

You like that baby? (he pulled my hair softly)

Yes I do!!!!

Well let me give you more! (He kissed my neck slowly)

Please do. Give me everything you got baby. (I closed my eyes and enjoyed every single moment)

I love when you talk nasty to me Lea.

poner su nombre en él papa 

Spanish huh… That’s how you feeling baby? (He nibbled my ear and whispered) el mejor que he tenido 

Te amo Bryson 

también te quiero Lea

  12 Play by R. Kelly came on which was clearly one of his favorites because he turned my body over slowly and started kissing me. He started at my forehead and worked his way down my body. When he stopped at my lips he gave me the most passionate kiss. It sent chills down my spine.

Do that again (I moaned). He stopped at my neck and he started to kiss me on that spot!! (that spot that drives me freaking wild) I couldn’t take it anymore and I started to squirm so he made his way down to my nipples before he proceed downtown. I couldn’t move. I just laid back and enjoyed my man, this moment and the music!!

12 play give em a little

12 play just a little

12 play just a little

12 play just a little

12 play give em a little

12 play just a little

12 play

1 We'll go to my room for fun

2 Then I'll say give me your tongue

3 Cause tonight I'm gonna fulfill your fantasy yell

4 Lie down on the floor

5 Cannot wait to cum inside

6 Anything that's broken, I'll fix

7 Spread your legs apart

8 Feel me, I'm so hard

9 See I want you from behind, with that bump and grind yeah

10 Baby climb on top of me

11 Up and down we'll go you'll see

12 And that's when I go down on my knees giving you some of my

Chapter Three

  A few months after the show things between Bryson and I was still going strong. I was happy and so was he. We were inseparable and in love like new couples do. We decided to go Venice for 2 weeks to spend some romantic quality time together. The last day of our trip so we took his private jet to Milan for a LIFE STYLE kinda shopping spree. We spent hours at Alexander McQueen where he picked up a tux for dinner this evening then we went to Vera Wang. While we were in Vera Wang looking for a dress for tonight Bryson’s phone began to blow up!!!

(I kissed him on the cheek) Babe you better get that because whoever it is clearly is not going to stop calling baby.

I’m sorry babe it’s my brother.

No need to say sorry honey bun. Plus I’m busy shopping (laughing) go ahead babe. Tell Corey I said hi.

That’s why I love you (he kissed me) Oh and I gave that lady my card so get what you want baby girl.

  I tried on a few dresses but Bryson still hadn't made it back so I stepped outside the door because I was a little worried. I overheard him yelling at his brother.

(Bryson was pacing back in fourth) I don’t want to discuss this shit again! You never like any woman that I get serious about bro but this time you have to fall back. I got this under control. I will be home soon and then we can talk.

He hung up the phone, walked over to a bench and sat down. He put his head down and when he looked up he had this weird look on his face. From that point on he seemed distant.

(I walked over and put my hand on his shoulder) Baby is everything ok?

Yeah baby I’m good. I’m sorry about leaving you in there for so long. Did you get what you wanted?

Yes but that’s not important. Is it something wrong?

(he took a deep breath) Skyy I’m fine let’s just go grab our bags I want to take a nap before the dinner party. 

(He hadn't called me Skyy since that night at the bar) Ok but please know that you can tell me anything. I am here for you,

I know. (Kissing me on the cheek as he walked into the store)

When we made it back to the room I had a massage table and some oils from their spa brought up. I lit a few of my Jo Malone candles, turned on some nice music and I gave my baby a full body massage..

I don’t know what’s wrong baby but let momma make you feel better.(I kissed him on the back of his neck)

Thank you baby I really needed this.

I know you do that’s why I am giving it to you. I am here to give you whatever you need daddy. (I softly bit the back of his shoulder) Just relax and let me take care of you.

It feels so good!! I do love me some Skyy.

(I hated that he was calling me Skyy again but I didn’t want to stress him out even more) I love you more baby and if you think this feels good then you should turn over on your back and I will show how good my hands really feel. (I winked)

He rolled up some of that Italian Mary Jane, he lit his cigar, laid back and watched me as I massaged him from head to toe.

Damn babe!!!

You like that baby?

Hell yes! (he kissed me) give me some of that candy girl.

We got it in right there on top of that table. I gave it to him nice and slow to the beat of the music. Rain by Keke Wyatt was playing in the background as I whipped this sunshine on him! I thought the table would break but neither one of us cared we just didn’t want to stop. As always It was magical. I looked into his eyes as the sweat trickled down my neck.

Boy this is what you want

Imma make it storm tonite

Precipitation fill the room

You feel the thunder rollin boo

Feel the rumble when our love collides

Skin to skin gone make you come alive

Sca-Scattered showers in the bed tonite

Sca-Scattered showers in the bed tonite

Its comin down its comin down are you ready for it

Its comin down its comin down are you ready for it

Hope u got ya coat

Im bout to make it pour

Im bout to make it pour

Down down down down

(Afterwards we took a nice hot shower together) Baby you are the best I ever had! (I helped him wash his back)

I feel the same way about you sunshine. (he turned around and kissed me) We have to stop before we're late for this dinner.

(I licked my lips) Your right but we will pick up right here when we get back in tonight.

  We finally got out of that shower and got dressed. He was so fine in his Alexander McQueen and I was looking amazing in my one of a kind Vera Wang gown. We arrived at The Cube which is a hot new restaurant in Milan for a charity dinner. Everybody who was SOMEBODY was there. As we walked to our table I spotted Jada, Will, J Law and Jaime  but no one looked as good as Halle!! SHE LOOKED MAGNIFICENT as usual. I have to admit I was a little star struck but I kept my cool. She was wearing a vintage Gucci dress with a low cut back and she was rocking it. I couldn't believe little ole Skyy from the streets of Detroit was having dinner in Milan wearing a Vera Wang dress and socializing with SUPERSTARS! I could definitely get use to this. I felt like I was in a romantic Hollywood movie. There were movie producers, writers, actors, models, t I mean the cream of the crop Hollywood’s elite were here tonight and I was right in the mix of it all. This is the life I was born to live. We were in the middle of our meal when things took a turn for the worse.  My ex EJ walked over to the table.

What’s up Skyy? Looking good enough to eat as usual! (EJ winked at me)

(Bryson grabbed my hand) Lea is her name and the only person eating on this dessert is me. But we thank you for the compliments.

Wait, are you trying to claim her? (smiles) Dude she is a stripper and you can’t claim community property.

(Bryson stood up) Look funny boy If we weren't in Milan at this $20,000 a plate dinner I would beat your ass. You don’t know who you’re dealing with bruh. Let me introduce myself nigga I am “THE” Bryson Jones and I can claim whatever I choose to claim. You might need to google me little boy. (He smiled) Oh you also need to understand before I started doing this "Hollywood" thing I was a hood nigga. (he straightened his tie) so underneath this $5,000 suit beats the heart of a ghost maker so don’t become the next Casper! .

(EJ stepped back and then started to laugh) I find your thuggish attitude funny and not threatening at all but instead of a fight with me you need to get prepared for a bigger fight. When the media gets a hold of this little couple alert it will ruin your pretty boy career.

(I started to tear up) Get a life EJ and just walk away please because you acting a little bitter.

Baby girl don’t even waste your time speaking to this b list boy. He better walk his desperate ass away before I make some calls.

(EJ looked angry) Desperate?? How can I be desperate for something I’ve already had. (he winked at me) a number of times and a whole lot of ways.

That’s it consider yourself warned and please get your affairs in order (Bryson pulled out his phone) hope you can handle the consequences of your actions here today

(Ej pulled out his cell phone and snapped a picture of us) Let me send this to my boy at TNC and see what they can do with it. Enjoy your dinner.

EJ walked away but the damage had already been done. Bryson had this look on his face that sent chills down my spine. It wasn't the same look as before this was a look of disgust and regret. That smile was gone and the love in his eyes turned to disgust.

I am so sorry Bryson.(I put my hand on his thigh) I dated him for a while, we broke some time ago and clearly he is still bitter. (I got closer to him) Just don’t listen to him. He is just a hater by nature.

(he moved away from me) You know what I am no longer hungry so let’s go.(Bryson stood up)

Are you sure?

Yes I’m sure so let’s go please. (he looked at me with disdain) more sure than I am about other choices I’ve made.

What does that mean? (I stood up)

Never mind, let’s just go!

I’m so sorry about this. I didn’t mean to mess up your trip.(I started to cry as we walked towards the door)

  Bryson just walked out of the restaurant and hopped into a cab without me. I was so scared that this was the end for us. My first thought was to go running after him but I knew I was the cause of this problem and I didn’t want to mess up his career so I called the hotel and booked me a separate room. I went to get my things from the room but he wasn’t there. I tried waiting around hoping he would come in and stop me and tell me everything was going to be ok but he didn’t so I just left him a note then went to my new room. I stayed up a few hours waiting for him to call but nothing. I was embarrassed, hurt, devastated and angry all at the same time. I couldn’t stop crying so I took a sleeping pill and went to bed. I woke up the next morning to find that Bryson left without me. He left a plane ticket for me under my door. My heart skipped a beat and the tears flowed from my eyes like a waterfalls. I got myself together and headed to Malpensa International Airport for this looooong lonely flight home. I swear I will make EJ pay for this shit as soon as I get back. FUCKING BASTARD!

Chapter Four

  The flight was long and I believe I shed tears the entire time. I couldn’t wait to get off that damn plane. That bastard EJ ruined my happiness. As soon as I touched down in Vegas I called my people in Detroit so they could take care of the EJ issue.

Hey Rico, it’s Lea.

I know your number even though you don’t call often. (laughing) You have something for me to take care of ma?

I will do better cuz. Yes I have something for you to handle and I need it done a.s.a.p.

Is this a total claim or just a partial claim baby girl? (he picked up his gun and put it in his holster)

Partial for now but I want it to feel like a total.

No problem baby girl. Just send me the name and it will be done.

Thanks fam. I will send that info and my donation will be at the usual place within 24 hours. Is 20 ok?

Perfect baby girl. By the way I saw you on the news this morning are you ok?

The news????? I just got off a long ass flight from Paris so I haven’t seen the news.

Oh wow. They are going hard on you and that Bryson guy but don’t take that shit personal just shake it off. Haters hate all day everyday on winners. It’s what they do for a living so fuck them!

Are you serious?

Yea, some picture was sent to TNZ and everyone is making a big deal about. Like I said blow that shit off. .

I was so upset) This bastard really sent that picture!! Rico I need to change that to a total claim.

Is this this person the reason your all over the news?

(I was overwhelmed with anger so I started to cry) Yes. He ruined everything for me!

You know what Lea, don’t worry about the donation. I will do this for free. Don’t shed another tear. Oh and fuck those people and don’t let them get you down. You are a solider from the D nobody can stop you!.

You are right. I am a trooper. (I wiped the tears from my face)

Keep your head up

Thank you again for always being there when I need you. Bye

  My phone was going crazy. I had tons of missed calls, text, tweets all kinds of notifications. Everyone was talking about me and Bryson and it wasn’t good. The news was calling him a fool and me a gold digging whore. So I tried to call him but he sent me straight to voicemail 5 times in a row. I decided to just leave him a message.

Bryson I can’t believe it’s over so soon but I understand you have to think about your career and I am sorry I have brought so much drama to your life so quickly. I know I am no saint but I do love you and I was hoping and praying we had a lifetime kind of love but once again I was wrong. Love is not for me so I will stay out of the love lane from now on. I promise I won’t speak to anyone about us and I will deny everything just to keep you out of this ugly lime light EJ shined on you. I really and truly love you and for that I will do what’s best for you and walk away.

Take care baby.

  That was extremely hard for me to do. I have never really loved a man before so this pain is new for me. I needed to get back to work a.s.a.p. and I needed to get me a new manager since I fired Val’s back stabbing ass! Until then I had to handle things on my own so I headed to my office.  

(When I walked in Val was in my office yelling at my assistant Adriana)What the fuck is going on in here? Adriana, are you ok?

Skyy she won’t leave. (Adriana walked up to Val)I have told her a million times that she no longer has permission to be here.

Don’t speak for me you little bitch! Skyy I know what happened with you and Bryson it’s the talk of the town. I am sure it’s over now so I am willing to come back and work for you. You know you need me!

Bitch please! All I need from your fake ass is for you to the hell out. Oh by the way Adriana if she comes back I give you permission to beat her ass and then call the police!

  I walked passed that back stabbing bitch and went right into my office. This chic is freaking nuts. I don’t need her ass anywhere near me or my team. All of a sudden I heard her yelling but then I heard a slap so I opened my door and saw Adriana standing over Val.

Are you ok Adriana?

Yes I am boss lady she jumped up at the wrong one!!!(she stepped over Val laying on the ground)

Adrianna you better watch your back! As for you Skyy, I will get you back for this bullshit! You’re nothing but a high priced trick anyway.

You're right about that and that’s why you hate me so much because you could never make it at this level. Bitch you want to be me. Al this time you have standing your punk ass in the background wishing you could be that high price trick on that stage making all that damn money!! Sorry that your career went south when I stepped on stage but bitch I made you a very rich woman so save your hatred for the get bitch because I have money to make now get your fake ass out of my office and don’t ever come back.

Payback is real bitch so be careful!!

If that’s true then you need to be watching your own back. (I smiled)

Val stood up grabbed her purse and wobbled her hating ass up outta there!

(Laughing) Thank you Adriana I owe you a bonus for that!

It was my pleasure but I will take that bonus! (laughing) Skyy I have worked for you and that bitch Val for a long time now and I know the ins and outs of the total business so if you need me to step in I am willing and ready!

You know that is the best thing I’ve heard since I came home. (I winked) You got the job.

Seriously?? Thank you soooooo much! I will not let you down!

Please don’t worry about because you only have one job now and that's manager. The more money I make the more money you make so let’s get started. (I walked over to the desk) Go through her office thoroughly, keep all the things we need and throw all her bullshit out. Then follow up on my bookings for this month and have my calendar ready for me by the end of the day.

It will all be done by 5 and what would you like for lunch?

Thanks for asking but I am going to need you to focus on the business side only now so put an ad out for someone to replace you up here and I will grab lunch for us today. (I went into my office and closed the door)

  The phones were ringing off the hook all morning long. Reporters asking about Bryson and I. I couldn’t take it so after I grabbed Adriana some lunch I called my girls and told them to meet me at Cesar’s shops for some shop therapy!

(my girls met me in the casino) Hey chicas, thanks for meeting me. (I hugged them as they walked up to me)

Girl what the hell is going on? You are all over the news and if one more person calls me asking questions I’m going to nut up!

Fiona, I’m sorry they are bugging you guys. It’s been crazy as hell. Ej’s bitch ass took a picture of me and Bryson in Milan and sent it to the media and it’s been chaos ever since. (I shed another tear) Nic are they bugging you too?

(Nic gave me a tight hug) Don’t apologize to us because we are ride or die friends chica and if you are in a fight then so are we. Don’t let them get to you and I hope you and Bryson are good.

Thank you Nic I really need you guys because you are all I have.

Are you saying that Bryson broke up with you?

Yes he did but who could blame him? The media only has one freaking picture of us and they are attacking him and his career like it’s a damn war!

I am so sorry I know you really were falling in love with him L. You will find someone better so fuck him too! (She put up her middle finger)

Fiona thanks but I will probably be alone forever because of what I do but I’m good with that. (I took a deep breath and wiped my tears away) Enough about that bullshit let’s just get our shop on. We have some parties coming up soon.

That’s my girl!! (high five) You have a show with your boy Tim Stacks from NYC and you know I have a thing for his chocolate ass!

Bitch you are crazy but I feel you because he is fine and flow is sick! I will make sure I put in a good word for you before the show.

Hey what about me? (Fiona put her hands in the air)

Omg! I’m sure you will find you some candy on this trip as well. Can we just go spend some money so I can feel better?

We did some damage to our wallet that day. I had more bags then I could carry. Shopping and talking with my girls always made me feel better. By the time we were out done the sun was going down and my feet were killing me. As we were waiting for our cars at the valet stand a ton of reporters came swarming in.


Skyy is it true that you’re dating Bryson Jones? Does he know that you’re a stripper?

Reporter 2

Is it true that you are really just a high priced hooker?


Is it true that if you ask my girl another disrespectful question I’m going to fuck you up? YES it is true so let me put you on notice right now (she took off her earrings) you have one more comment to make and I will shove that mic up your ass!

Reporter 3

Do you think your reputation to be a video vixen will ruin Bryson’s career?

Reporter 4

Are you still stripping now that you’ve caught a big fish?


(I was overwhelmed and fed up) For the record I am not dating Bryson Jones and my occupation is none of your damn business so get that camera and mic out of my face before I break them both.

Reporter 4

If you touch my microphone or this camera I will sue your ass.


I can buy 3 of you so paying for your camera is nothing. Hell I just spent more than that camera is worth in the Louie store.

I walked over to him and knocked the mic out of his hand) SUE ME!

  We all laughed as the valet pulled our cars around. I held my composure until I pulled off in my car. By the time I made it down the street I started to cry like a wounded baby. The embarrassment and pain was way more than I was prepared to deal with. I really didn’t think that dating Bryson would be such a big deal but people seemed outraged as if I’m not good enough for him just because I am an exotic dancer. Boy was I wrong because things got worse. I was hounded by reporters, tweeted by haters and posted on the cover of all the trashy magazines. It was a really hard time for me and all I wanted to do was lay in Bryson’s arms but I knew that would never happen again. I was happy to have a show tonight because that was the only place I could escape this madness. I drug myself out of bed and headed to the club. The line was around the building. I guess being the hot topic on social media made me even more popular than before.

I walked in the bar and it was wall to wall money. Everyone was showing me love as I made my rounds. I ran into the champ as I made my way to the bar.

Hey Champ, are you ready for your fight next week?

(he winked at me)I’m always ready beautiful. (he kissed me on the cheek)

I’m looking forward to sitting ring side and watch you give old boy the business.

That’s what’s up baby girl. I’m hoping I get the business from you tonight. I love to watch you do your thang.

Well you are in luck because I am always ready too.

That’s good to know because I have a lot of money to spend and I would love to spend it all on you(he turned around in pointed at his table and it was filled with thousands and thousands of dollars) this is how you make it rain.

Oh I love that kind of rain handsome (I kissed him on the check) let me go get ready for this storm. (I winked) I hope you ready for this champ.

I took a nice hot shower and my glam squad came in to get me stage ready. While they were working their magic I received a text from my cousin telling me that the job had been done. Finally EJ had paid for fucking up my life! 

Tonight was going to be a good night. By the time they finished I was looking tasty as usual. I was in a slow and sexy kind of mood tonight so I sent the dj a playlist and instructions to make sure the lights were turned down.

My new jam, In The Air, by Teyana Taylor came beating through the speakers as I slowly slid my sexy ass down the pole. I was not just your average pole dancer my skills on that pole was top notch. I did things on the pole that most women couldn’t do off the pole. The glow in the dark body suit along with the light show set it off just right. I could see the champ at the end of the stage with all that cash so I made my way down to him. I moved my body to the slow sexy beat of the music as he took a puff from his cigar.

Damn (he gave me a devilish smile) Come sit on daddy’s lap.

Anything you say daddy!

I grabbed the cigar out of his hand took a puff and blew the smoke in the air as I turned around, sat on his lap, put his hands on my backside and gave him the business! Exactly what he asked for and he gave me exactly what I wanted. It was a rain storm going on in the King and I was right in the middle of the storm. Tonight all I wanted to do was have some fun and forget about Bryson and the champ was the perfect distraction.

Right before I leave I put one in the air for love, love, love

Right before I leave I put one in the air for love, love, love

So long, so long, I'm gone

I don't wanna talk

So I'm blocking your calls, pretty sure I heard it all before

Do I need to say more?

While I was home alone you were away with other chicks

I guess that you must have forgot who you're fuckin' with

Well so long

I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm gone

So right before I leave I put one in the air for love, love, love

Right before I leave I put one in the air for love, love, love

So long, so long, I'm gone

So right before I leave I put one in the air for love, love, love

Right before I leave I put one in the air for love, love, love

I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm gone

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